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Buying a New Property For Your Business: 3 Occasions When You Will Need a Property Lawyer

If you are looking to expand your business by buying a new property, it is important that you seek the proper legal advice before signing any contracts or borrowing any money to finance the deal. A business lawyer will be able to review the seller, the property and the paperwork on your behalf to ensure that everything is in order. Below is a guide to 3 occasions when it is essential that you use the services of a business lawyer who works in property law. Read More 

Why the Children Need to Be Protected at All Costs Whenever Domestic Violence Affects the Parents

There's never any excuse for violence and certainly when it comes to the younger members of society. Even so, a sizeable number of children across the country will face some type of violence in the family home this year and serious repercussions can be expected for all involved. Why is this such a big problem and what can be done about it? A Bigger Problem Than You Might Think Violence comes in many shapes and forms, but it's important to understand what effect it has on the victims. Read More 

Lawyers You Might Need to Consult When Starting a New Business

When starting a new business, you would do well to consult with a variety of lawyers, so that you know your business is operating legally and you know what legal regulations affect your business even before you open your doors. Since lawyers usually have specialities that allow them to advise on certain areas, note a few different lawyers you might need to consult when starting your business, and how they can help you. Read More 

Understand The Australian Patent System

Intellectual property refers to non-tangible inventions that result from the creativity of the human mind. Examples of intellectual property include business ideas and artistic creations. Because intellectual property is not tangible, the patent system is used to grant ownership of such property to the inventing party. A patent gives an inventor the exclusive right to exploit the commercial value of intellectual property for a pre-set duration of time. This article answers two common questions about the Australian patent system for the benefit of business lawyers-in-training. Read More 

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The Brave and the Bold: Blogs About Business Attorneys

Welcome to my blog. My name is Edna. I was named after my grandmother, and my parents always hoped that I would inherit her business acumen. After her husband died when she was in her early twenties, my grandma ran the family business on her own, and by the time her children had grown and she was ready to retire, it had blossomed into an extremely successful enterprise. I was always inspired by her, and I eventually decided to start a business of my own. Many people were instrumental in that process, but my business attorney was especially helpful. I wanted to create a blog on business attorneys to inform and educate people who own businesses or who are thinking about starting one. I hope you like these posts. Thank you for reading!